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What is an annotated bibliography?

An annotated bibliography is a list of research and resources on a topic, that provides not only the citation information, but also a description and evaluation of the source.

It is similar to a regular Bibliography, but each citation is followed by a paragraph of information about the source.

These are the main things to include (from UNE Factsheet: Writing an annotated bibliography):

1. Citation details (set out in the same style as a reference list item)

2. A short statement that explains the main focus or purpose of the work

3. A short summary of the theory, research findings or argument (e.g. intended audience, subjects covered, major arguments supported, research methods, conclusions reached, special features)

4. Consideration of the usefulness and/or limitations of the text for your research (e.g. reliability of the text, credibility of the author, poor features, left-out content, weaknesses in argument)

5. An evaluative comment on the work that may take into account how this work will fit into your research on a topic (e.g. critical comment, critical reflection that describes the usefulness or relevance of the information for your writing task).

How to write an annotated bibliography

These are useful guides to help you: