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Here are some of the books and eBooks in the Library collection on Commerce topics. Find more by searching the catalogue (link below).


What is digital marketing?

Investment - Year 10

This is a starting point for your research on Asset classes and ethical investment. 

When searching online and in our databases consider key words that will help you such as:

  • asset classes
  • shares
  • bonds
  • property
  • EFTs
  • Super
  • ethical investment
  • sustainable investment
  • environmental investment options
  • ethical options performance.

Websites and case studies

Audiovisual material - Social Media Marketing


See below for a playlist of videos about social media marketing. Remember that you can also search ClickView Online using your own keywords.

Important information


Search these databases for journal articles, images, videos etc. If you access these off campus, you may be prompted for logins and passwords. These can be found on our Canvas page. 

Consumer Protection - Year 9

From the National Library eResources page click on:

  • Browse Topic Categories then click on
  • Newspapers and Media then click on either
  • Newspaper (NSW) to find the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age Library Edition (Select which newspaper to search, click on the year required and fill in the search box)   or
  • Newspapers (Australia) to access Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre (Use Advanced Search option to build your search strategy and type the name of the newspaper in the publications field. Select Full text - Database has full text to the Canberra Times, Sydney Sun Herald, and Daily Telegraph and the Adelaide Advertiser.
  • Search these newspapers for articles on products that have been recalled and also for scams.