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Macroeconomic theories and issues

Key resources

Online Reference Generator for APA style.
Harvard should only be used by continuing IB students. The preferred style at CGGS is APA. Please ask a Teacher Librarian or visit the Library's Canvas page for login and password details.

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These can be found on the Library's 
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Here are some of the books and eBooks in the Library collection on Economics topics. Find more by searching the catalogue (link below).

Print books


Notable economists

Economic Systems

Key words to use:

  • (economist's name) biography
  • (economist's name) economic belief
  • planned economy examples
  • planned economy countries
  • planned economy advantages and disadvantages
  • economic policies
  • market economy examples
  • market economy countries
  • market economy advantages and disadvantages
  • market economy China
  • economic development


Important information

Audiovisual material


See below for a link to our Economics folder on ClickView Online, along with some other audiovisual resources.

Economic Think Tanks


Search these databases for journal articles, images, videos etc. If you access these off campus, you may be prompted for logins and passwords.  These can be found on our Canvas page. 

Australian Government Intervention on Goods - Tax

Links to online databases. Logins on Canvas Library Page

Suggested Keyword Searches:

"Excise Tax Australia"
"Indirect Tax Australia"
"Alcohol Tax Australia"
"Cigarette Tax Australia"
"Fuel Tax Australia"

Limit search to last 5 years. 

Australian Bureau of Statistics
Use the search bar to find data on your topic. Consider including year.

Opposing Points of View

Student Resources in Context

National Library eResources

Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre is a great database for a wide range of topics associated with economics. 

Academic Search Complete will be a useful database for this topic.

Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre (newspaper periodicals)

JSTOR may be useful depending on your topic.