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Key resources

Online Reference Generator for APA style.
Harvard should only be used by continuing IB students. The preferred style at CGGS is APA. Please ask a Teacher Librarian or visit the Library's Canvas page for login and password details.

Do you need login or password details?
These can be found on the Library's 
Canvas page.



Here are some of the books and eBooks in the Library collection on Psychology topics. Find more by searching the catalogue (link below). Most books are located around the Dewey number 150 on the shelves.

Print books


Important information

Audiovisual material


See below for playlists of videos related to Psychology topics. You will need to log in to ClickView Online using your school ID and password to access these videos.

Remember that you can also search ClickView Online using your own keywords.

Suggested areas for research

There are many areas for research including, but not limited to the following suggestions.  When looking for information, DO make use of databases to locate peer-reviewed journal articles. Searching using keywords can get you started, and most databases allow you to refine your search by subject, availability, date etc.

PLEASE ask the Teacher Librarians to show you some searching tips.

  • Memory
  • Learning
  • Sensation and Perception
  • Attitudes and Prejudice/Social Influence
  • Consciousness
  • Biological Basis of Behaviour
  • Motivation
  • Emotion
  • Health Psychology/Abnormal Psychology
  • Intelligence and Mental Abilities
  • Personality


Search tips:

  • Start broad - by finding definitions for the various theories in the area of Motivation. This would include exploring textbooks, general psychology books and ebooks. In our collection you will find these at the call number 150 on the shelves. We have also put aside some books that will help with definitions - ask at the Library desk for these.
  • expand your research by going to the online databases eg. Student Resources in Context, which has information suited to secondary school level research.
  • go further into online databases provided by the National Library and the ACT Library for scholarly, academic, peer-reviewed journal articles. Be aware that these can be very high-level and in-depth, and you will need to extrapolate to your particular area of research, and apply what you read in your own research context. You may not find an article that is EXACTLY on your topic.


These links take you to databases where you can find information and articles.  Some may need a login and password.  These can be found on our Canvas page.