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Here are some of the books and ebooks in the Library collection on sociology topics. Find more by searching the catalogue (link below). Most books are located around the Dewey number 301 on the shelves.

Print books



Important information

Useful websites for Sociology

Sociology: A global introduction

Articles on Theories and Racism

Identity - Gender roles


See below for a playlist of videos about gender roles. Remember that you can also search ClickView Online using your own keywords.

Suggested areas for research

There are many areas for research including, but not limited to the following suggestions.  When looking for information, DO make use of databases to locate peer-reviewed journal articles. Searching using keywords can get you started, and most databases allow you to refine your search by subject, availability, date etc.

PLEASE ask the Teacher Librarians to show you some searching tips.

  • race
  • racial stereotypes
  • racial identity
  • ethnicity
  • ethnic identity
  • functionalism
  • symbolic interactionism
  • conflict theory
  • functionalism and racism
  • identity
  • social psychology


These links take you to databases where you can find information and articles.  Some may need a login and password. These can be found on our Canvas page. 

Cultural Icons

Remember to start by reading broadly about the topic first to enable you to gain a better grasp of the main concepts. Once you have done this you will be able to narrow to specific elements of that topic and then you can search for studies to write your response to the question. It is at this point that I recommend investigating what ACT Libraries and the National Library eResources have to offer.

Search terms that may help you with this assignment:

  • social construct
  • cultural construction
  • old age
  • age as social construct
  • construction of age
  • moral panic
  • youth
  • teenagers
  • social attitudes
  • social norms 

You may join some of these terms together or attach a specific culture or social group to them.

Folk devils and moral panics.
Good Introduction to concept of 'moral panic'