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CGGS Senior School

Why wide reading?

Research shows that reading not only has a significant impact on students’ academic ability, but also helps them to develop “a better understanding of other cultures, community participation, a greater insight into human nature and decision making.” (Centre for Research in Psychology Behaviour and Achievement, n.d.)

With this in mind, the Library’s reading program provides students with the opportunity to visit the Library once a fortnight to select books, to read, and to reflect on their reading through both structured and unstructured activities.

Year 7 spend time thinking about the best ways to choose appropriate books and writing book reviews, and year 8 reflect on their reading by creating a visual ‘book bento’ to represent their response to a novel of their choice. Year 9 keep a reading journal, not only to keep track of their reading, but also to record their thoughts, ideas and opinions about their chosen texts.


The Library offers e and audio Books through Wheelers